1. Exploring Innovations in Learning Technology
    Sail to new worlds to discover how the latest learning technologies help you explore the exciting future of eLearning, Virtual Sessions, eModules, Mobile Platforms, LMS/CMS, MOOCs, etc.

  2. Plotting the Pipeline with Tomorrow’s Talent
    Plot a course that helps you attract, develop, motivate and retain productive, engaged crew members through new onboarding strategies, innovative leadership/management development initiatives, action-learning based approaches, etc.

  3. Navigating the Workplace of Tomorrow
    Chart a voyage that helps you value, engage and learn from your mates from different generations, cultures, geographies, styles and mindsets in ways that ensure high performance, team spirit, knowledge transfer, etc.

  4. Mapping the Impact of Learning
    Find the treasure map that helps you locate the “gold” in learning, including value-added metrics, measurement & tracking approaches, impact of behavior changes, demonstration of successful application, return-on investment, etc.

  5. Trimming Today’s Skills Gaps
    Adjust the lines to develop the skills you and your crew need for smooth sailing across challenging seas, including innovative ways to develop critical skills in management, leadership, technology, business functions, etc.

Friday, April 1, 2016: Full Day Conference
March 31: Networking Social at 6pm
Radisson Hotel & Suites, Chelmsford, MA

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In the Talent Development field our emphasis has always been about employee engagement, improving effectiveness and productivity and reaching desired results through various talent development mediums. In 2016 we are building on this strong foundation. We will examine new cutting edge thinking and practice, and its impact on human performance with enhanced ways of leveraging the latest thinking – from learning technologies to alternative training methodologies.


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The world of learning & development is changing fast. To help you keep up with these many changes, your ATD local chapters from all six New England states are joining forces for the 6th annual area conference. ​

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3/31 Networking event at 6pm with
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