Presented by

Roger Shepard 
Session: Disrupt Your Design

Lynne M. Richards         
Session: Applying Brain Based Science to Enable Training Effectiveness

Katie Vaillancourt


Jennifer Turgeon         
Session: Create & Sustain Professional Development in the Workplace

Rebecca Bales


Donna Horrigan 
Session: Transforming TD by Revolutionizing the World of Psychometrics

2017 New England Area Conference

Jamie Millard


Gus Murby       
Session: Disrupt the Talent Development Mindset of your Managers

Bob Winter                           Session: Agile for Non-Software Teams

Ghada Angawi 
Session: Intercultural Competency in the Face of the “Disrupt”

Karen Hinds      
Session: Disrupting Leadership: The Impact of Millennials

Tom Clancy


Joe Moriarty        
Session: Learning at the Speed of Search: A Digital Learning Experience

Loretta Donovan                 Session: SNAP - Disruptive Coaching on the Rise

Edith Onderick -Harvey
Session: Why Change Kills Engagement and What You Can Do About It

Kassy LaBorie


Tom Stone  
Session: The Envied Virtual Team: The Secrets to Engagement

Bryan Mattimore                 Session: Be a Disruptive Change Agent & Innovate the Organization's Future

Stephanie Simon       
Session: Design Disrupted: Innovate & Reignite Your Learning Program

2017 New England Area Conference Presenters

Lou Russell        
Session: Provoking Leadership During Chaos

Rob Salafia
Transform the Classroom
with Presence & Storytelling

Arthur Woods  
Session: Disrupt Work & Unlock Performance with the Science of Purpose

Karen Freedman            
Session: The Classroom of the Future

Mike Song         
Session: Call & Response: The Most Important Training Skill!

Jean Marrapodi             
Session: Sticky Learning: Ensuring Transfer