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2017 New England Area Conference


​Track 1: Innovation & Change (IC)
Innovation and Change in the Disrupted World of Work

What perspectives and approaches can be used to create the strategies and tactics to drive success in a world of increasing disruption? This track is about helping trainers discover frameworks to help them create productive future learning strategies that enable organizational success.

Track 2: Instructional Design (ID) 
Transformational Instructional Design Perspectives for the Disrupted World of Work

What techniques, approaches, and frameworks will enable trainers to design, develop, and implement instructional strategies to maximize learning transfer and impact for the new world of work? These sessions are about application of training skills, knowledge and technologies.

Track 3: Leadership (L)
Leadership in the Disrupted World of Work

How does learning help to prepare the leaders of today so they are able to address the many factors influencing the business climate of the future; including technology, multi-generational and diverse workforce, rapidly changing business climate, etc. This track focuses on how leaders develop the critical skills.

Track 4: Skills (S)
Training Skills for the Disrupted Future
What training skills and perspectives will trainers need to know in order to succeed in a Volatile, Uncertain, Changing, and Ambiguous (VUCA) future? These sessions are about building personal training skills and capabilities.

Track 5: Talent Development (T)
Talent Development in the Disrupted World of Work

How do learning professionals shape the depth of knowledge, skills and talent necessary for organizational success in a disrupted world or work? This track emphasizes shaping the culture and organization so that it has the resilience and capacity to succeed.